Lang & Heyne: The Watch, The Most Essential Accessory for Men

Elegance, confidence, mysticism – all attributes associated with when it comes to the color black. It stands for determination, magic and even dignity. However, let us start from the beginning…

There are various possibilities to express your own individuality. Having a closer look at the appearance we will recognize, that a man has only limited options compared to a woman. The most essential accessory for the man is probably his WATCH. Choosing the right watch is therefore more than deciding between function and handling. During the buying process style and design is playing a major role, too. This relates both to expensive, low-priced, casual and formal watches.

How should a man wear accessories best?
A good advisor when it comes to questions of style and behaviour is the “etiquette manual” (in German “Knigge”). For this special topic there is not much to note. A general custom from a long list of recommendation: wear dark with dark, and light with light, among other things. If you are out during the night, it is recommended to wear a watch with a darker dial matching your suit, tuxedo or tailcoat. For the perfect appearance your chosen watch should be an understatement, which case material matches your other accessories like belt buckle, rings or cufflinks.

Having a closer look at the diverse watch dials, we will find different materials and variations. The most common dials are messing blanks lacquered and printed. Engraving repetitive patterns, so-called guillochage, is a popular effect as ornamentation of the dials. Extraordinary materials just like meteorite stones and wood, to name just a few, is used for dial production as well. Probably to most famous and noble form of watch dials is a dial made of enamel.

Loyal to Saxony’s watchmaking traditions, grand few enamel is used in numerous watches of Lang & Heyne and solid silver dials in different designs. To go back to black dials, within our collection we have galvanic black dials for our models JOHANN, ALBERT and FRIEDRICH III, as well as in this year’s new variation of GEORG.

When speaking of the perfect dress watch for a man, the model GEORG is probably the best choice. The success speaks for itself: since 2017, the watch has given the square shape a revival in the watch industry. The curved case shape with a dimension of 40 mm x 32 mm and the lugs directed downwards ensure a comfortable fit on every wrist. His plain dial is quite an understatement compared to its extravagantly designed movement.
This model is available with a galvanic black silver dial and with a white enamel dial.

Regardless whether you are wearing the GEORG, another model from LANG & HEYNE or from another brand, always keep in mind: May your watch ever so beautiful, beware the implications of checking it too frequently.