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Housing in semi-gloss, black

Suitable for flush wall fitting

High-security glass, bullet-proof and extreme resistant against mechanical attacks, 22 mm thickness

Vertical, electromechanical opening & closing mechanism which slides the high-security glass extremely silent

2.5 mm stainless steel security compartment

German VdS certified locking system with 7-digit keypad

Integrated Laser curtain, prevents unauthorized access in open condition

Integrated alarm system with interface to the house alarm system

Finest German craftsmanship

Interior Showcase

Presentation case for valuables

2 drawers (inserts to select)

Interior in finest velour, black

State-of-the-art, adjustable LED lighting technology with fading function

Showcase Interior Options: Universal, Signature, Collector,Drawer Inserts, Gentlemen, Cufflinks, Jewellery, Watches, Universal

Optional Functions: Door opening with fingerprint, Tracking System

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